Dance Parent 101

Photo Credit: Scot Gibson Photography

You filled out the enrollment form. You bought the pink tights and shoes. You’ve even practiced your bun-making skills. You’re so excited for your dancer’s first ever dance class! Here’s everything you need to know for that very first day of Pre-Ballet (or any other pre-dance class):

1. Arrive Early!

There might be some additional info we need to get from you so we’ll need time for that, but more importantly your dancer will have time to adjust before class starts. If you arrive at least 10 minutes early you’ll be able to meet the teacher(s) and tour the studio. Use the bathroom, get your shoes on, then when your dancer is feeling comfortable, they can go into the studio to play until class starts.

2. Come Prepared.

Give yourself enough time to change to dance clothes and do a bun before you have to leave the house. Rushing to dance class is never fun. Pack a bag with your shoes, extra hair ties and pins, water and a snack. Not only is packing their dance bag for the first time so exciting, it’ll give your dancers a sense of confidence knowing they have everything they need. And you’re teaching them how to prepare on their own for when they’re older.

3. Pre Class Potty Break.

It’s mentioned above, but worth mentioning again. Have your dancer use the bathroom before class! The less distractions we have during class the better. Potty breaks tend to be a chain reaction with younger kids, so the less we have to manage bathroom time the more we can focus on dancing!

4. Prep for Class.

Talk with your dancer about what to expect. Imagine what class might be like: what music they might hear, steps they might learn, friends they might make. Also include that there will be lots of brand new things to learn and lots of time to learn it. Practice following directions, taking turns and raising a hand to ask questions (playing “school” is always a good way to do this!) If you have no dance experience and have no idea what to expect you can check out this youtube video with your dancer before your first class too!

5. Ask Questions.

We’re here to help! You can call, email, text or even stop by to ask your questions and make sure you have everything ready for your first day.

Now here is my PSA for all the parents of young dancers (actually all kids):

How your child behaves in class is not a reflection of your parenting. I’ll say it again in case you missed that: HOW YOUR CHILD BEHAVES IN CLASS IS NOT A REFLECTION OF YOUR PARENTING. For some kids, it’ll take a month of lessons before they start to open up and really dance. But trust me, they’re observing and learning that whole time. For others, they might cry the entire first class. Some might want to watch the first class. Some might strut into the studio and want to teach the class! All of these kids have a place in the dance studio, and all of these scenarios are OK. The teachers are already expecting whatever your little one might throw at us, so please don’t worry. It might be frustrating in the beginning, but it’s so worth it to stay patient and let them learn at their own pace. You’re doing a fabulous job with your kid(s) and we’re so happy you signed up for classes with us!

We can’t wait to dance with you!

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