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Ballet is the foundation of most dance technique. This classical dance form teaches grace and precision, and develops strength and coordination. Over time dancers gain mastery of the steps and technique are able to perform beautiful choreography.


Ability and age-appropriate skills taught for each child in class. Instructors are trained in spotting techniques, body mechanics and safety for dancers. It is recommended to take this class in combination with at least one other dance class.


In our mostly Broadway style tap classes, dancers learn to make audible rhythms with their shoes. Jazz and tap techniques are taught together so the dancers are able to perform fun choreography.


Introduction to basic dance principles. Dancers learn basic motor skills, spatial awareness, rhythm, self-control and the skills necessary to be in a structured learning environment through dance, fun games and group activities.

Creative Movement

A fun filled way to introduce your child to the world of dance. We will be working on simple movements, fun games, getting accustomed to listening to group instruction. This non performing class is perfect for young kids who love to move and get their wiggles out, but not quite ready for our more structured as our pre-dance classes.

Hip Hop

Dancers learn fun, energetic movements set to popular songs. Instruction focuses on each dancer’s ability to find their own rhythm and flow. Dancers develop strength and coordination as well as their own style of movement.


Lyrical dance is a combination of many dance techniques, mostly ballet and jazz, used to create choreography usually set to the lyrics of a song.


Classical and contemporary jazz technique with an emphasis on jumps, kicks and turns. Dancers learn fun, upbeat choreography.

Musical Theater

Jazz technique with an emphasis on acting skills and facial expressions. Choreography usually set to songs from popular musicals.

Let’s Dance!