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Ballet provides a solid foundation for most other forms of dance and even other sports. This classical art form teaches grace, coordination and instills confidence. Ballet follows a strict and very specific technique; at Studio W we primarily use the Vaganova method but like to incorporate some other methods as well.


Ability and age-appropriate skills taught for each child in class. Instructors are trained in spotting techniques, body mechanics and safety for dancers. It is strongly recommended to take this class in combination with at least one other dance class. Tumbling classes do not perform in studio show cases.


In our mostly Broadway style tap dance classes, dancers learn percussive rhythms and develop precision and musicality. These fun, high energy classes are sure to get your feet moving!

SWDC Shine

Shine is our performance troupe. They travel around Sonoma County to perform at various events and talent shows! Learn more here.


Introduction to basic dance principles. Dancers learn basic motor skills, spatial awareness, rhythm, self-control and the skills necessary to be in a structured learning environment through dance, fun games and group activities.

Strength & Stretch

A conditioning class designed with dancers in mind, but appropriate for everyone. Participants gain mobility, strength and coordination while completing challenging exercises set to fun music. All movements are modifiable, all abilities welcome!

Turns & Leaps

This class focuses mainly on jazz turns and leaps. Ideal for dancers levels 2 and up that want to reinforce what they’re learning in jazz or lyrical class or want to learn new skills!

Hip Hop

Hip hop teaches musicality and rhythm while allowing dancers to find their own groove. Our classes focus on foundational styles in a fun, high energy environment.

SWDC Flare

Flare is our competitive hip hop team! Dancers train hard in their required classes and rehearsals each week to prepare for three competitions in the spring. Learn more here.

Parent Participation Classes

We have two new classes for your tiny dancers! Dance with Me & Tumble with Me classes will help children develop gross motor skills and coordination while preparing them for preschool and independent dance classes Meet new friends and chat with fellow parents!


Lyrical dance is a combination of many dance techniques, mostly ballet and jazz, used to create choreography usually set to the lyrics of a song. The choreography tends to be more on. the emotional and expressive side, and class usually leaves you feeling happy and refreshed!


Classical and contemporary jazz technique with an emphasis on jumps, kicks and turns. These classes focus on low/grounded movement, isolations, sharp lines and precision of movement. Dancers learn fun, upbeat choreography.

Musical Theatre

These classes combine jazz dance technique with acting skills. Dancers learn fun choreography usually set to songs from popular (and age appropriate) musicals while working on facial expressions and exaggerating their movements.


Glow is our competitive jazz/contemporary team! Dancers train hard to develop proper technique and compete at three competitions in the spring. Learn more here.

Let’s Dance!