General Info


Q: What should I keep in my dance bag?

A: The essentials are: your dance shoes, water and warm up clothes (sweatshirt or sweatpants). Bonus items: Change of clothes, ballet skirts, legwarmers, resistance bands, bandaids, snacks & a notebook/journal.

Q: What should my dancer wear to dance class?

A: Please read the dress code policy here.

Q: Where can I purchase dancewear?

A: We have everything you need! You can come in before your first class to try on & order the shoes you need and purchase a leotard and tights. You can also get everything you’ll need from Discount Dance.

Q: Do we need special shoes?

A: Yes, you will need the appropriate shoes for your chosen style of dance, but it’s ok if you don’t have them on the first day.

Q: Is it too late to sign up?

A: Never! You may have missed the cut off date for participating in our next performance, but you can join a class at any time!

Q: Your website says no refunds. What if there are more COVID closures?

A: In the event of a spike in COVID cases that results in the studio having to close, you/your dancer(s) will be entitled to make up days when the studio reopens. 

Q: Will my dancer be safe from getting COVID-19 while at dance class?

A: While we’re following all guidelines recommended by the County Health Officer, there is always a chance that a child could become infected when in a group setting. We will be taking ALL precautions to prevent this from happening. If a child does become sick, you will be notified immediately.