Dance Camp

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*Scroll to the bottom to read our Covid-19 procedures.

COVID-19 Precautions:

  • Hands washed and sanitized upon drop off.
  • Hand washing before any meals/snacks.
  • Masks worn indoors at all times.
  • Staff daily wellness check.
  • All toys/props sanitized daily.

Dance Camp FAQ

Q: What should I pack for my dancer?

A: Our recommended packing list is: WATER, an extra change of clothes, sturdy sandals, water, swimwear, sunscreen, sunglasses, towel, water, lunch + 2 snacks, water, hand sanitizer – oh and did we mention WATER??

Q: What should my dancer wear to dance camp?

A: We recommend dressing in layers as it can start out cold in the morning and warm up quickly. Any athletic attire is good – leggings, shorts, sweats, etc. Try to stay away from anything too baggy or loose fitting as this can be problematic when tumbling. Also best to have hair securely pulled back for the day.

Q: Do we need special shoes?

A: No. While we’re indoors they are able to take their shoes off but it is good to wear athletic shoes or comfortable sneakers as we often walk to the park for water play!

Q: Your website says no refunds. What if there are more COVID closures?

A: In the event of a spike in COVID cases that results in camp having to close, you will be refunded all camp fees for any unused days.

Q: Will my dancer be safe from getting COVID-19 while at dance camp?

A: While we’re following all guidelines recommended by the County Health Officer, there is always a chance that a child could become infected when in a group setting. We will be taking ALL precautions to prevent this from happening. If a child does become sick, camp will be canceled for the remainder of the week and you will be refunded your camp fees for any unused days.