Dance Camp

Mini Camps or Full Day Camps, we have them all!

Fall Camps 2022
We have 7 different fun-filled camps for a varying ages! Have a younger child just looking for a short fun activity? Try our 3-6 dance party’s! Have an older child looking for a full camp experience? Try our 7-12 day camps!

September 24, 2-4pm!
Minions Dance Party: Ages 3-6 $30
Play games, win prizes and dance around with us and the minions!
November 21, 9-3pm!
Neon Nights
: Ages 7-12 $75
Arts & Crafts, games, dancing and an exclusive invitation to Club W!
November 22, 11am-1pm!
Ballerina Dance Party: Ages 3-6 $30
Games, crafts, dancing and a visit from a real ballerina!
December 19, 10am-2pm!
CandyLand Camp: Ages 3-6 $60
Dancing, crafts, games and a real life version of CandyLand!
December 28, 9am-3pm!
Ice Cream Parlor Camp: Ages 7-12 $75
Learn a dance, play games and even make your own ice cream!
December 29, 9am-3pm!
Flower Power Camp: Ages 7-12 $75
Do tumbling, learn a dance and make the start of your own garden!
December 30, 9am-3pm!
New Years Eve Party: Ages 7-12 $75
Let’s ring in the New Year together with games, dancing and prizes!

All camp fees are nonrefundable.

COVID-19 Precautions:

  • Hand washing before any meals/snacks.
  • Masks are optional.
  • Daily cleaning of surfaces and props.

Dance Camp FAQ

Q: What should I pack for my dancer?

A: Our recommended packing list is: water, an extra change of clothes, sturdy walking shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, lunch + 2 snacks. Pro tip: label everything!

Q: What should my dancer wear to dance camp?

A: We recommend dressing in layers as it can start out cold in the morning and warm up quickly. Any athletic attire is good – leggings, shorts, sweats, etc. Try to stay away from anything too baggy or loose fitting as this can be problematic when tumbling. Also best to have hair securely pulled back for the day.

Q: Do we need special shoes?

A: No. While we’re indoors they are able to take their shoes off but it is good to wear athletic shoes or comfortable sneakers as we walk to the park most days.

Q: Your website says no refunds. What if there are more COVID closures?

A: In the event of a spike in COVID cases that results in camp having to close, you will be refunded all camp fees for any unused days.

Q: Will my dancer be safe from getting COVID-19 while at dance camp?

A: While we’re following all guidelines recommended by the County Health Officer, there is always a chance that a child could become infected when in a group setting. We will be taking ALL precautions to prevent this from happening. If a child does become sick, camp will be canceled for the remainder of the week and you will be refunded your camp fees for any unused days.