Dress Code

We have everything your dancer will need for class available for purchase in-studio if you’d like to shop local!


Option 1:

  • Leotard & pink OR skin-toned tights.
  • Pink OR skin-toned ballet shoes (your shoes should match your tights unless otherwise instructed).
  • Hair in a neat bun.
  • Ballet skirts OK. Warm up pants, sweaters & leg warmers OK for barre. Please no baggy pants or sweatshirts – it’s essential that we can see if you are using proper placement and alignment!

Option 2:

  • Black tights & ballet shoes.
  • White, tucked in t-shirt with no logos/characters.

Lyrical/Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre & Tumbling

Option 1: Leotard or close-fitting top, black spandex shorts & skin-toned tights or black leggings. Warm ups OK for beginning of class. Hair securely pulled back.

Option 2: Black tights (opaque)/shorts/jazz pants & T-shirt with no logos/characters.


  • Jazz & Musical Theatre: black or skin-toned jazz shoes (should match your tights as closely as possible)
  • Lyrical: black or skin-toned jazz shoes (should match your tights as closely as possible) OR skin-toned, closed-toe half-soles
  • Tap: Black tap shoes
  • Tumbling: bare feet – no socks!

Hip Hop & Pre-Hip Hop

Anything you can move in. No dresses please! Sneakers worn ONLY inside, that stay securely on feet. Hair pulled back.

Pre-Ballet, Pre-Tap/Jazz

Leotard, ballet skirt, leggings for Pre-Tap/Pre-Jazz only. Class appropriate shoes. Please no large tutus or puffy dresses! Pink or skin toned tights are required for performances.

Adult & Exercise Classes: Athletic attire with appropriate, indoor-only shoes. 

  • All students should have hair pulled back, away from face.
  • Please arrive to class in clean clothes. 
  • Please Do Not wear dance shoes from outside into dance studio.
  • Please use the changing rooms/cubbies to change and store belongings during class.