Level Placement

A dancer’s placement in classes is at the discretion of Studio W’s instructors. As you’re choosing classes for the session, please use your best judgement to choose a level. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us via phone or email. Once classes start, we will confirm with you that your dancer is in the correct class for his/her abilities. You will receive a packet with a skills list that will help with goal setting and explain exactly what each level works on. Please keep in mind that you are not limited to learning only the skills listed for your level – much more will be introduced in classes. The skills list is intended to give an idea of what a dancer will have mastered when they have completed a skill level. Dancers will need to master the majority of the skills in their level in order to progress to the next level. Achievement of skills does not automatically move you to the next level, as there are other factors that play into level readiness – you will see these on the front two pages of your packet. Please also keep in mind that the average time spent in one level of classes is 2 years. Becoming a dancer takes time, hard work and perseverance! We’re here to help our dancers grow at their own pace.

Pre-Ballet, Pre-Tap/Jazz & Pre Hip Hop: Ages 2.5 – 6 years. Dancers are introduced to basic dance concepts like rhythm and patterns. Classes focus on building coordination, strength and creativity through age appropriate games and activities. These introductory classes also teach basic listening and following directions skills, along with dance class etiquette. 

Level 1 – Dancers learn basic principles in their chosen style of dance. When enrolling in level 1, dancers should be able to easily separate from parents, focus for the full duration of class, and arrive to class prepared every time. Average age of dancers: 5-9 years.

Level 2 – Continuation of Level 1. Level 2 dancers should be able to apply corrections effectively, learn and demonstrate basic dance vocabulary, and begin working on performance quality. Recommended 2 classes per week. Average age of dancers: 7-12 years.

Level 3 – Continuation of Level 2. Level 3 dancers should be able to prepare for class independently, ready for more advanced vocabulary, and able to learn choreography quickly. Requirement of 2 classes per week. Average age of dancers: 10-15 years. 

Level 4 – Intermediate/Advanced dancers, expanding their understanding of dance and how it relates to the whole body. Requirement of 3 classes per week. Average age of dancers: 14 years +.

Pointe/Beginning Pointe – Dancers need a strong ballet background, need to be mature enough to take care of their feet and bodies, and MUST be physically ready. This can only be determined by a ballet teacher who knows you well. We also recommend talking with a physician before going en pointe.