Dance Class Etiquette

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Your teachers put so much time and planning into each dance class because they respect you and your commitment to dance, and they genuinely want to see you succeed. Return the favor by following these rules:

1.      Always arrive on time. 

If you can’t avoid being late, make eye contact with the teacher prior to entering class and wait for their permission to enter.  When possible, notify your instructor if you will be late or absent.  After class, be sure to apologize for your late arrival.

2.      Be prepared for class.

Arrive in dress code, with your hair securely pulled back. Avoid in & outs. Students should arrive early to use the restroom and put on the appropriate shoes. Remember everything you need for class prior to heading into the studio.  Unless it’s an emergency, which can happen, avoid disrupting class to use the restroom because dancers going in and out can be distracting to your peers, as well as for the instructor. You may also miss something important if you are not in class.

3.      Keep it clean.

Never wear dance shoes outside the studio or street shoes in the studio. Pro tip: wear slides or slippers to class for bathroom breaks so you’re not wearing your dance shoes into the bathroom. Keep all snacks in the lobby or dressing rooms.

4. Be quiet and listen while your dance teacher is giving instructions. 

That means no talking when your teacher is talking. Try to listen for the answer yourself, before interrupting class with a question that has already been asked and answered.

5.      Pay attention at all times and stand like a dancer always. 

You should always present yourself with good posture and show that that you are ready to learn. Dancers shouldn’t sit down in class (unless instructed to do so) or hang on the barre.  

6.      Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  

Your dance teachers are there to help you become a better dancer!  Be sure to ask for clarification when necessary. Ask questions by raising your hand and waiting for the teacher to call on you. However – always watch a demonstration one more time before asking your question. You might just be able to answer it yourself. This will help you to improve and progress as a dancer.

7.      Demonstrate good spatial awareness. 

Be aware of your body as you are moving through the movements. This includes giving the instructor space and not crowding other students. This is especially important as we navigate our way through a pandemic.

8.      Be courteous and respectful. 

At the end of class, applaud and thank the instructor. Show them your appreciation for the planning and preparation that went into class.

9.      Stay for the entire class. 

It’s always best to stay for the entire duration of the class, but if you must leave early, talk to the teacher beforehand and make your exit as quickly and discreetly as possible.

10.      Try your best. 

Give 110% always. If you realize you are in a dance class that’s above your skill level, never walk out of a class or sit down in frustration!  Hang in there and try your best!  No one will fault you for that. Practice makes PROGRESS!

11. Parents make sure you allow the dance teacher to do their job! 

If you have a question or comment, feel free to talk to the teacher after class (not during). Viewing windows are for viewing and not communicating with your child during class.  If your child is being disruptive, allow the teacher to make behavior corrections first. We will always come get you if need be.

At Studio W, we want to help grow creative, confident dancers who courageously impact their world!

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