Studio W Dance Company’s First Win!

My dance mom heart is bursting with pride! These dancers are incredible!

Not only was this our company’s first performance as SWDC, it was our first win! Let me tell you why these kids are so amazing.

The cards were stacked against us going into this performance. We finished our group dance three days before performing it, and had never rehearsed it with the full group. Obviously not ideal, we’re working with what we have while we transition into our new studio space. We had a huge mix of ages (ranging from 7-17) in a talent show that’s divided by age groups. We never once rehearsed this dance in front of mirror (we don’t have one yet). But there was no way we were going to pass up an opportunity to perform. And I have confidence that my dancers can succeed in any conditions. These dancers have been open minded, hard working and mature beyond their years. I’m so impressed with everyone’s ability to learn so well under new circumstances. They worked their butts off and you know what?

They won first place in the teen age group!

We also had two dancers performing solos – for their first time ever! McKenna earned a second place award for her lyrical dance, and Dylan earned first place for his jazz dance!

These kids are just the best.

I can’t wait to see what’s next for them!

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